I was absolutely buzzing to have had the fantastically talented Ella McConville photographing in my glass studio last week. 

I’m not just saying she’s talented because I was her photography lecturer for 5 years either!

I met this kid when she was 16 years old and she’s always had a brilliant eye for photography.

She’s creative, driven, confident, you can have a laugh with her and she was only a *tiny* pain in my arse with her assignments.. 


(c) Jen Newton-Prosser

It was such a privilege to watch someone like Ella grow from a very young 16 year old into a confident woman and I’m still so very proud of her. I always will be. She’s EllaMac to me and I adore her. 

When the opportunity arose for me to hire a photographer to shoot my glass pieces I didn’t hesitate to approach her. 

I knew that she’d be able to capture the aesthetic I wanted for my brand and that she’d bring ideas and suggestions to the table that I hadn’t even thought of. 

She spent the first half an hour of our morning together pottering around my studio, familiarising herself with the set up, picking up pieces of glass, raving about the light streaming in from the windows and just being her lovely self. 


(c) Ella McConville for Olive Can Fly

Then she put me to work, she captured scenes of every single stage I did within each stained glass piece. She’s the kind of photographer that genuinely wants to learn about what she’s photographing, asking me to talk her through what I was doing and why. 

(c) Ella McConville for Olive Can Fly

If you’re looking for head shots, product photos, location images (and a whole lot more!) then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ella. 

You don’t have to only take my word for it, her brilliant work speaks for itself.. 

(c) Ella McConville for Olive Can Fly

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