Flower Preservation

Your special flowers can last forever with our bespoke flower pressing service. Lovingly pressed and arranged, and displayed in hand crafted frames. We can create a single large arrangement, or unique individual pieces to treasure or to gift to your loved ones.

When we receive your flowers, they’ll be meticulously deconstructed and pressed until they’re ready to be assembled in to your final piece. They will then be carefully arranged and framed using traditional stained glass techniques to create a stunning keepsake that will last as long as your memories.

How does it work?

It all starts with you reaching out to tell us about your flowers, your special occasion, and the kind of piece you’d like us to create.

We’ll provide guidance on the best way to send us your flowers (as soon as possible while they’re still fresh) and when they arrive we begin the pressing process, which can take up to eight weeks to complete.

Uniquely yours…

When your flowers are pressed and ready, we will contact you to finalise your design choices.

You might choose a large arrangement set in clear glass to show off the natural beauty of your flowers, or a selection of smaller pieces set on bold coloured glass to complement the bright tones of your flowers – we’ll take you through the possibilities and together, we’ll create something uniquely yours to treasure.

How much does flower preservation cost?

As we have such a broad range of possibilities that we can create from your flowers, pricing varies depending on your unique choices, but we have options at a range of budgets.

All orders require a deposit of £75 to cover our flower pressing charge and secure your order. The remaining payments are not due until your flowers are pressed and the final order is confirmed.

Flower Preservation Enquiry