..started where Feb ended – still coughing up my lungs and feeling vile. 

But once we got all that out of the way the month improved!

I had a gorgeous Mother’s Day with flowers from Funk & Bloom, new hair colour from the best (Kelly at Pretty Vacant Collective), and a relaxing trip to Anglesey to slow down and breathe in absolute lung fulls of sea air before Mike left for a busy tour.

We surprised our penguin obsessed youngest by arranging it so he could meet and feed some. They were so little and absolutely adorable. If I could only have gotten away with slipping a baby called Ketchup in my coat and bringing him home.. 

I had the most amazing treatment at The Sanctum in Liverpool (I’ve already rebooked for April) and we celebrated the 12th birthday of our unreal son Dallas 🖤

Alongside all that we had lovely workshops happening in the studio, more wedding bouquet commissions come in & more finished pieces go out. I’m working away on a beautiful brides stained glass bouquets and more work has been done on a gorgeous indoor window piece that I’m not showing until it’s finished as it’s a bespoke piece for a lovely client. It might seem that it was more play than work but that’s definitely not the case, a lot of what I’m working on are private commissions that I will only show when they’re in their new homes. 

The only shit part of the month was that Mike was in a car accident, he’s okay thankfully and was just bruised, sore & in shock. Grateful that it wasn’t worse as the car is a write off. RIP Lily Land Rover. 

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe it’s April already! This year is flying by and I’m not sure how I feel about that!