..was a busy one! I always say that I’m super grateful for the work because I am, but I wasn’t expecting January to be so busy. I spent a lot of time working on various projects in my lovely stained glass studio in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool and the time flew by!


2024 Newness

My month was filled with client meetings, new bouquet preservation bookings and drop offs, running workshops, project & event planning, a fab wedding fair and I even managed to squeeze in some stained glass projects that have been on my ‘to do’ list for AGES which I’m really pleased with. I’ll be launching them very soon.


It wasn’t all work work work though. I spent time with my beautiful family, caught up with some gorgeous friends which is always good for the soul to be around likeminded people, had my first turmeric latte at one of my favourite places, Lovelocks (old Haymarket, Liverpool), and developed a borderline unhealthy interest in Taylor & Travis (“karma is the guy on the chiefs” .. I blame TikTok for that one.

I swear I’m about *this* close to watching the Super Bowl 🤣


Resolution free zone, all goal setting

I haven’t made any specific resolutions for 2024, I’ve never been a fan of them to be honest. They may you feel like shit when you beak them ha!

Instead I’ve set goals, both business and personal, as a guide to how I’m aiming for the year to progress and I’m genuinely excited to see how it unfolds.