What can I do with my wedding bouquet?

That’s easy! Send it to us and we’ll preserve your bouquet so you can keep it forever.

One of our most popular services at Olive Can Fly is flower preservation. It’s keeping us very busy which is absolutely fine as we love doing it!

2024 is filling up with bookings of wedding bouquets and memorial flowers that our clients want to keep and treasure.


The First Step..

Get in touch! We have a webpage all about our floral preservation with an enquiry form that you can complete to ask specific questions based around your personal enquiry. We can chat about frame styles, sizes and whether you require small extras to gift to family.

Although we are based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, we accept flower pressing commissions from all over the UK. Our local clients drop off their flowers to us but everyone else is given clear instructions on how to safely send their flowers to our studio.


The Process..

Once we’ve received your flowers we immediately get them in our flower presses. We make sure that we are in the studio on the day that your flowers are to be dropped off whether that’s in person or via courier regardless of what day of the week it is.

No time is wasted and your flowers are pressed immediately.

This process is quite lengthy, and for you it is possibly the dullest part of the process as it’s just a waiting game for you but you know that your flowers are in safe hands!


When your flowers are ready and out of the presses the design process begins. You are consulted at every step of the way and a design will be shown to you for your approval.

All our frames are handmade using traditional stained glass techniques and can be created in a range of size and shapes.


On completion the frames will be securely wrapped up ready for either collection or courier and yours to love forever.

Useful Extra Info..

  • The flowers must be fresh, we can’t press dried flowers.
  • We need the flowers as soon after the event as possible.
  • If you have flowers that you have pressed yourself but would like us to design and frame them, just get in touch
  • Some flowers press easier than others
  • Flower colouration can occur during the pressing process, some flowers will always change and some will retain most of their original colour.


If you would like Olive Can Fly to press and preserve your flowers then send us a message!

All images (c) Olive Can Fly captured by Ella McConville